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We always put the mission first. 

Headquartered in Oak Ridge, TN, IB3 Global delivers focused solutions to a diverse customer-set across the Federal Government. From East Tennessee we project a worldwide footprint in support of our customers. That intimate understanding of customer mission, combined with our extensive experience helps IB3 clients exceed their goals by offering flexible and responsive solutions.



IB3 employees operate worldwide in austere environments everyday. Our solutions are based on the current threat stream and the operational realities facing our customer organizations as they endeavor to secure our nation.


Expert Knowledge
Effective Solutions
Measurable Results

IB3 Global is dedicated to providing services that excel beyond customer expectations. Our success is based upon our understanding of our client’s needs and establishing lasting relationships while combining strategic vision and technical expertise for mission success. Our team is dedicated to making a positive impact for each client on every project.


Nonproliferation & Counterproliferation

From applied sciences to data analytics, IB3 Global experts are prosecuting this vital national security mission today.

Testing &

Leveraging our test laboratory and NRC license, IB3 Global presents a unique solution for vendors who want to exercise capability and government clients who need cost-effective support at a high standard.


IB3 Global Solutions provides the interdisciplinary and analytical capability support to enable our customers to review complex issues and problems as well as to make informed decisions when it matters most.


Blending tactics, technical acumen, and real-world operational expertise, IB3 presents realistic training solutions. Train for the mission.


Mission ciritical services delivered when and where you need them them. 

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Employee-Focused Leadership
Mission-Focused Employees

We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice and protect our culture through a commitment to a deliberate hiring process. We are dedicated to  providing our customers with the best technical experts, placing only the truly committed on pre-existing teams, and adding employees that always put the mission first - no matter what.


Sean Gleason

CEO, IB3 Global

Clients and Partnes

Clients and Partners

IB3 Global Solutions is honored to support an amazing group of clients, each working complex missions across vital areas of national security. Our Government and Industry relationships are never opportunistic. They are the result of cultivated trust, excellent operational delivery to validate that trust, and complete buy-in to mission execution.
Mission will always take precedence over revenue. 

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