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Industry Leading Services

Built on Integrity

IB3 Global Solutions services offering is a direct reflection of the skillset of our employees since we cannot divorce one from the other. Our commitment to applying experts in their respective fields increases mission assurance and customer confidence.

Nonproliferation & Counterproliferation

​From applied sciences to mitigating the movement of prohibited materials, IB3 Global experts are prosecuting this vital national security mission today.

Advisory Support wide.jpg

Advisory Support

IB3 Global Solutions provides the interdisciplinary and analytical capability support to enable our customers to review complex issues and problems as well as to make informed decisions when it matters most.

Training Solutions

From deployable experts to high-fidelity Digital Twins and XR Solutions, IB3 Global is ready to enable your mission success with comprehensive training solutions.


Testing & Evaluation

Leveraging our test laboratory and NRC license, IB3 Global presents a unique solution for vendors who want to exercise capability and government clients who need cost-effective support at a high standard. 

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