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Nonproliferation & Counterproliferation

Deep expertise from across the spectrum of disciplines required to develop, deploy, and analyze strategies to inhibit the movement of illicit nuclear material.

From applied sciences to mitigating the movement of prohibited materials, IB3 Global experts are prosecuting this vital national security mission today.

IB3 staff have been involved in, and lead, many efforts in support of the USG’s mission to prevent the movement of nuclear and radiological material.  Our experts have performed in-country Technical Site Assessments and Site Surveys in addition to Peer-to-Peer Exercises and Maintenance Management Workshops. IB3 leads the development of novel, sophisticated exercises in detection and forensics and in designing and managing assistance in forensics collaborations with partner nations. Our SMEs draw upon careers in nuclear physics, radiochemistry, and other related technical areas of direct relevance. We have supported Test Campaigns of radiation detection equipment and have developed the capability to perform testing at our Oak Ridge facility.   

  • International Experience in over 30 countries

  • Analysis of data from Radiation Detection Systems

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Nuclear Forensics

  • Curriculum Development

    • Department of Energy

    • Department of State

    • Department of Defense 

    • IAEA

  • Interpol


Our mission first approach, combined with our industry-leading knowledge and experience, helps IB3 clients exceed their goals by offering flexible and responsive solutions that help ensure mission success.

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