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Innovative Solutions 

Mission Ready Support

IB3 is dedicated to supporting missions that prevent threats from reaching the homeland, and operating on a global level to make the world a safer place for us all.

Our Organization is guided by one simple principle, the Mission always comes first.

Relevant Knowledge

IB3 employees operate worldwide in austere environments everyday. Our solutions are based on the current threat stream and the operational realities facing our customer organizations as they endeavor to secure our nation.

Founded in 2012, IB3 Global Solutions aspires to be a few things; an employer-of-choice, a trusted partner, a deliverer of innovative solutions, and the first call when challenges arise. These desires manifest in our hiring practices, strategic planning, investment activities, corporate organization, and customer-set. 

Walk the halls of our headquarters building and you will meet world-renowned nuclear physicists, military CBRN officers, ANSI standards SMEs, Test Scientists, former law enforcement officers, data scientists, and gamma spectroscopists. The diversity works because the mission-set remains the same and the culture is one of inclusion, our vulnerability assessment team leverages our physicists, our T&E lab scientists bounce plans off our spectroscopists, everyone is engaged because we support engaging clients.

Qualified Personnel

Our employees are some of the most respected professionals in their field. Comprised of experts from the scientific, military, law enforcement, and first responder communities, their knowledge of technical, tactical, and operational expertise is unmatched.

Effective Solutions

IB3 offers top-tier solutions with a diverse breadth of services in Nuclear Security Operations, Non-proliferation & Counter-proliferation, CBRN Detection, Training & Exercise Support, and Material Recovery Missions.



For more information on the VOSB program, please click HERE.


Our Purpose

We enable customer success across the Nuclear & Radiological threat landscape by providing innovative solutions and a reputation built on integrity and trust.

Our Mission

To create a more safe and secure world for everyone


Our Vision

It is our vision to be an employer-of-choice in our market and partner-of-choice for our clients by always putting the mission first.

Industry-Leading Services

Services focused on supporting the most critical missions

IB3 Global is broad in capacity yet focused in markets served. Our approach allows us to concentrate experts and deploy them across our service markets:

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