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Sharon Gleason joined IB3 Global as CEO in 2013. Supporting non-proliferation activities first at Defense Threat Reduction Agency and then Department of Energy, Sharon blended end-customer understanding with an operational need and provided a welcoming corporate culture to subject matter experts across the CBRN enterprise.  Creating and fostering the type of organization that would attract the best talent in low-density technical fields, Sharon has lead IB3 Global Solutions through its largest growth era by never compromising the core tenet that IB3 employees be; valued, engaged, and rewarded. As the CEO of IB3 Global, Sharon drives corporate strategy, customer engagement, and sets the tone for company atmosphere. Her vision for IB3 has propelled the company into new markets and new buildings, added capability and capacity that is unrivaled for an organization this size. A rare native of Washington, D.C., Sharon now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband and three children.

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