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Our mission is clear, and we are dedicated to the cause.

Corporate mission and vision statements should tell you everything you need to know about the organizational aspirations of a company and at IB3, we like to keep it simple. Our mission statement is focused on a commitment to trusted delivery in a focused market. Our vision statement does not need to be verbose because it clearly demonstrates the organizational focus; our people and customer mission partnership. Those simple words belie a lofty goal with significant activity to will into existence our brand image. We want to be a destination employer and the first call from any partner with a challenge. We endeavor tirelessly to move closer and closer to what is ultimately an unattainable goal but focusing on the end-state allows us to improve incrementally. At IB3 we will never compromise on hiring the best we can find, never marginalizing an employee, and leveraging those engaged assets on the sort of complex challenges our clients trust IB3 to solution. 


It is our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality of services and solutions that reduce threats across the CBRN spectrum resulting in a more safe and secure world for everyone. 



It is our vision to be an employer-of-choice in our market and partner-of-choice for our clients.  

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