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Be Prepared
  • State-certified to conduct live radiological contamination with Technetium-99m

  • Combined with IB3’s NRC License and sources library, IB3 provides real-world mixed field training

  • 5500sqft of customizable training space: Post Det, HME/Narco, Industrial, Screening, and Medical scenarios

  • Fully covered with audio/visual recording capability – better hotwash and AARs 

  • Dedicated decontamination space

IB3 Global Solutions Training Center - West is dedicated to operational training that exceeds the simulation environment because reacting in a live environment is more impactful, increases the retention rate, and increases the confidence of students. 

State certification is required for live contamination and IB3 has the requisite certification through the State of Tennessee to operate. 

As a private, commercial provider, IB3 welcomes Federal, State, Local, Commercial, and International customers who require a R/N training solutions without being so constrained by cost that their other operations suffer. 

Additionally, IB3 Global role-players can add realism to your scenarios. We use professional role-players with experience with R/N scenarios. 

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