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IB3’s Radiological Source Program provides stakeholders with radioactive material management and high-fidelity isotopes to utilize in training & testing environments. IB3 currently owns a variety of sources that include alpha, beta, gamma and neutron emitters, taking training to new levels.


Our full spectrum CBRN Training Program can provide organizations  the support necessary to meet conventional or non-conventional mission requirements. With IB3's knowledge and experience, a safe & realistic training environment can be created to better prepare through a targeted engagement with instructors to coach-mentor-train.

  • Testing & Exercise design, preparation and execution support

  • Our team of instructors is comprised of CBRN experts from the military, law enforcement, and first responder communities.

  • Mix of technical, tactical, and operations expertise

Training Opportunities

IB3 offers 4 training programs to our customers and creates customized approaches as your requirements evolve. Using high-fidelity sources and our subject matter experts, IB3 creates a training environment that replicates reality and prepares participants to respond to CBRN incidents.

  • Search, Locate, Identify and Triage Training     

    • Equipment overview and skills training in the search, location, identification and triage of CBRN material and incidents

  • Source Configuration and Masking Training     

    • Identifying the various methods to configure and disguise radiological material  

  • Illicit Contamination Training     

    • Controlled environment where participants are trained to assess, monitor and survey a contaminated area or individual  

  • CBRN Response Training     

    • CBRN Surveys     

    • TIC/TIM Surveys     

    • SOP Development     

    • Planning, Rehearsal, Mission Execution in a CBRN operational environment   

Leveraging real world operational experience to produce high quality, impactful, and realistic CBRN training.
  • Radiological Material License

  • Subject Matter Experts with 70+ years in CBRN enterprises

  • Inventory of medical and industrial isotopes, with the ability to maintain Special Nuclear Material

  • Sealed and Unsealed Sources


A unique blend of Radiological Sources and CBRN Training allows IB3 to offer a complete suite of solutions to meet your mission objectives in a single vendor solution.


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